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This Artist Will Blow Your Mind Once You Realize These Are Not Photos At All

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Italian painter Marco Grassi paints intricate portraits so realistically, they seem like photographs. What makes his works even more remarkable, however, are the slight unconventional details he “gives” to his characters. By doing this, Grassi starts balancing on a very thin line between hyperrealism and surrealism, perfectly messing with his audience minds.

Some of his subjects appear as half-human and half-statues, some dress in colorful fabrics or acquire futuristic jewelry, but all of them are so convincing, we are left wondering why these striking and mysterious people look the way they do. Scroll down to check out how masterfully Grassi recreates a huge variety of textures and vote for your favorite images.

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Green Queen

Empty Spaces

Focal Point

La Bellezza Del Tempo


Virtual Reality

Blue Shawl

Phthalo Blue Green

The Garden

Gio B

Marco Grassi with Blue Shawl

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