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Think You’ve Played The Game of Life? Think Again

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  • Play the modern adaptation of the classic board game, The Game of Life
  • Get to know what’s changed and why
  • Discover new choices, crossroads and more ways to win
  • Take a look at the choices other players have been making

The Game of Life 2 is a life simulator board game, based on the Hasbro classic, The Game of Life, and it’s available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! It’s a bright, fun, new interpretation of the original that brings the gameplay and life choices up-to-date for a younger, modern audience. So, whether you’re a veteran of the crossroads, or brand new to the game, there’s plenty to discover and enjoy!

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The Game of Life is a much-loved title played by millions of families around the world, and The Game of Life 2 has received an amazing reception. Millions are now playing across multiple platforms, and we‘re here to share some of the choices they’re making!

In the original board game, the aim is to reach the end with the most money. However, in our modern world the drive to “get rich” is often balanced by the need for a healthy lifestyle. So, in The Game of Life 2, you can choose to earn points for wealth, happiness, and knowledge. 

So far players have chosen:

  • 24% Wealth
  • 34% Knowledge
  • 42% Happiness

Perhaps these choices reflect our modern world, or they could be the result of players prioritising fun choices in-game. The important thing is, you get to own your journey!

One of the original mandatory Stop spaces is right in front of the Chapel, where you get married. There’s no choice, it’s marriage or game over. So, in The Game of Life 2, we decided to make this optional. So far:

  • 39% Stay single
  • 61% Get married

Another essential action in the original game is having children. When you land on a baby space, you must add a child to your car. We decided to interrupt this pattern by making “having babies” a clear choice, with the option to adopt pets instead! So far:

  • 43% have chosen pets
  • 57% have chosen babies

As for new career options, the top choices are:

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  • Robotics Engineer
  • Astronomer
  • Chef

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And when it comes to the “Dream House”, it seems most players are opting for “detached” or “remote”, with the most popular choices being:

  • Mansion
  • Forest House

Of course, we’ve kept some of the traditional choices, and going to College is still coming out as the most popular option vs. going straight into a career. All those Astronomers and Robotics Engineers are planning ahead!

  • 20% Career
  • 80% College

When it comes to the end game, the original gave you the choice of two retirement homes. In The Game of Life 2, you can choose to continue your journey and fulfill your “bucket list”. And it seems people are happy to embrace the adventure:

  • 42% Retirement
  • 58% Bucket List

Another new addition that has really shaken up gameplay is an extra “second chance” crossroad later in the game. If you want, you can put off getting married or going to college or investing in a home. If you don’t go to College at the beginning, you can go later, or go back and get a Masters! These changes have significantly changed the way players approach the game. Instead of feeling locked-in to set expectations and a single goal, the new ways to win, second chances, and added choices make the whole experience more representative of our modern times. The Game of Life 2 includes cross-platform multiplayer, so you can join your friends and family on their preferred device or console. We’re delighted with how players have been making the most of every choice, and we can’t wait for you to make lives of your own on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

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The Game of Life 2

Marmalade Game Studio

It’s the modern version of Hasbro’s board game, played by 50 million families and friends around the world. Live in the Classic City PLUS the Fairytale Kingdom and Haunted Hills worlds: included in the game! Each comes with new outfits, vehicles, careers, houses, and items to unlock! Modern Gameplay • Make big career, relationship, and financial choices early or late in the game
• Collect points for happiness and knowledge as well as wealth
• Retire to a luxury home or keep going! Customisable and Unlockable Items • Customise your pink, blue or purple peg at the start of every game
• Unlock new avatars, outfits, and vehicles Ultimate Life Collection • 7 amazing worlds await in the Ultimate Life Collection! Buy the base game AND every world together in the Deluxe Life Collection!

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