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Tell time and temperature with sliding numbers

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Tell time and temperature with sliding numbers

Arduino TeamOctober 19th, 2020

While dial clocks are functional and well-understood, for something a bit more uniquely styled, Luuk Esselbrugge has created a 3D-printed timekeeping unit with four rows of sliding numbers.

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As seen here, each digit moves up and down to show the appropriate hour and minutes under the power of a stepper. A rack system is integrated into the number-slider itself, with a printed driving gear affixed to the small motor. A WS2812B LED shines through the proper number on display, with red representing time and green indicating that it’s instead in temperature mode.

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The device is controlled by an Arduino Nano, with time obtained via a GPS module. More info — including Arduino code, print files, and necessary parts — is available on GitHub.

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Website: LINK

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