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Battlefield 4 on Xbox One will use Kinect to leaning around corners and yelling commands

Reading Time: 2 minutes In case you’re still undecided about which version of Battlefield 4 buy. This could be an extra point (or not) for the Xbox One one. It seems that with Kinect you can lean around corners and covers just moving your head. In addition, the voice commands will be available to request help from a medic […]

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Xbox One Kinect privacy explained

Reading Time: 3 minutes As explained in the new policy document, data captured through the Xbox One Kinect camerawill not leave the console. According to it, “expressions” data is automatically destroyed at end of every session, andMicrosoft assures that it’s not shared with third-parties. However, for certain games and apps, like Xbox Fitness, Kinect will track skeletal movements to determine exercise statistics. […]