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More Memory and New Watchdog Features for Arduino Cloud Library

Reading Time: 2 minutes Arduino Team — May 5th, 2021 We have very big plans for Arduino Cloud this year, which took a major leap forward with the recent name change. But that’s not all we’re working on. We’ve already got some exciting new features to bring to you, including a watchdog timer that keeps your hardware ticking. WiFi […]

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18 More Funny Wi-Fi Network Names!!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Let’s face it, there are plenty of unsecured Wi-Fi networks out there, and while some may be safe to use, there are others that purely exist to troll potential leechers. For example, this person decided to set their network name to “Tell My WiFi LoveHer” as a joke to whomever may be scanning the airwaves […]

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Backdoor found in many consumer routers and WAPs (Port 32764 vulnerability)

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some days ago it became public knowledge that some routers, that’s devices used for establishing Internet connections among other things, are listening on the undocumented port 32764.