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HTC Vive Space Pirate Trainer Tournament OMEN by HP

Reading Time: < 1 minute Erstmals wollen wir dem VREI und HP Österreich für so ein cooles Turnier danken, es war einfach der Hammer! Auch danke an die Crew von StreamingXP ein wahnsinns Technik aufwand von den Burschen ^^ Wir haben es leider nicht geschafft den Laptop anzuräumen, aber nachdem ein Spieler mit knapp 100.000 punkten vorgelegt hat, wussten viele […]

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Serious Sam VR – Teaser Trailer HTC VIVE

Reading Time: < 1 minute Coming to Steam Early Access and Vive in Summer 2016 Serious Sam returns in his first ever VR adventure to dual wield an overwhelming amount of explosive ordinance and battle Mental’s relentless hordes in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope. The Earth Defense Force is crumbling under the crushing offensive of Mental and his legions […]

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Over 30 Full Games Launching with Oculus Touch this Year

Reading Time: < 1 minute We’re excited to share that Oculus Touch will launch with more than 30 full, made-for-VR games later this year, including 20 brand-new titles that are designed around the immersive sense of hand presence you can only get with Touch. Launch titles include Oculus Studios games like Insomniac’s Unspoken, Dead & Buried, Rock Band VR from […]

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Video Shows Incredible VIPE Holodeck That Takes VR to the Next Level

Reading Time: < 1 minute We have seen the future of gaming, and it may include holodecks. Northrop Grumman’s VIPE (Virtual Immersive Portable Environment) is essentially a portable room in which soldiers can use to run any number of simulated missions – diplomatic, combat, and even medical training environments, etc. That’s not all, uniforms and compatible weapons need are brought […]

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Oculus reveals ‘Crystal Cove’ prototype virtual reality headset

Reading Time: 2 minutes Plus, Oculus Rift internal game development under way with John Carmack. Oculus has revealed a new Rift prototype that incorporates new head tracking technology and a more advanced OLED display

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Oculus Rift coming to Android

Reading Time: 2 minutes What a surprise we have here! It seems that the Oculus Rift is not going only to have a 4K version but also a specially designed one for Android devices. The mobile version will be lighter, and will use the connected mobile device’s processor to function. This Android compatible version of the headset is intended […]