RockstarGame’s Bully: Next-Gen Game Environment!

Reading Time: < 1 minutes A next/current-gen homage to one of my all-time favourite games, ‘Bully’ (also known as ‘Canis Canem Edit’) by Rockstar Games. I’ve recreated the boys’ dormitory environment in Unreal 4 to demonstrate my prop art skills as a part of my Masters degree at Sheffield Hallam University. The level closely replicates the original layout in order…… Continue reading RockstarGame’s Bully: Next-Gen Game Environment!

Unreal Engine 4 “Infiltrator” Real-Time Demo

Reading Time: < 1 minutes At GDC 2013, Epic Games released the Unreal Engine 4 “Infiltrator” demo, running 100% in-engine in real time, showing off UE4’s high-end rendering features as well as the latest tools. Want to see more? VisitΒ   Official Source:Β

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