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Illustrator Imagines What Stranger Things Characters Are Doing Now, 33 Years Later

Reading Time: 4 minutes With the incredibly popular sci-fi TV series Stranger Things back on our screens, Music Magpie has fast-forwarded 33 years to 2017 to give fans a glimpse of what main characters from the show would look like now, and what career paths they’ve taken. Let us know, which career choice surprised you the most. More info: […]

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Xbox One features Achievements for watching Movies and TV

Reading Time: 2 minutes That’s right, you can earn achievements for using media apps on your Xbox One. Called “Media Achievements”, these are designed to reward you for spending time using your Xbox One for watching movies and TV. “Rewards or badges” for using video apps are separate from Gamerscore. The pic above is the first look at how they’re actually […]