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These loo rolls formed a choir

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have all of y’all been hoarding toilet roll over recent weeks in an inexplicable response to the global pandemic, or is that just a quirk here in the UK? Well, the most inventive use of the essential household item we’ve ever seen is this musical project by Max Björverud. [youtube] Ahh, the dulcet tones […]

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This Giant Gingerbread Imperial Star Destroyer Just Put All Gingerbreads To Shame

Reading Time: 3 minutes Star Wars season is upon us and some people just cannot get enough. Luckily the Star Wars Bakery (yes, there is such a thing) in Stockholm, Sweden, has been busy at work creating incredible, edible Star Wars themed gingerbreads for our eyes and mouths to feast upon. The masterpiece is undoubtedly the Imperial Star Destroyer, […]