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Use an LED matrix as a scanner

Reading Time: 2 minutes Use an LED matrix as a scanner Arduino Team — May 1st, 2019 Consider that a digital camera uses an array of sensors to capture light from an object. Maker Marcio T, however, decided to turn this idea on its head and instead utilize an array of lights that are detected by a single sensor. […]

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Barcode reader for visually impaired shoppers

Reading Time: 3 minutes To aid his mother in reading the labels of her groceries, Russell Grokett linked a laser barcode reader to a Raspberry Pi Zero W to read out the names of scanned item. RASPBERRY PI TALKING BARCODE READER My mom is unable to read labels on grocery items anymore, so I went looking for solutions. After […]

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Amazing Technology That Can Extract 3D Objects from 2D Photos

Reading Time: < 1 minute Always wanted to created real 3D models from flat 2D pictures? If so, then “3 Sweep” is just for you. Users will not only be able to “just extract them, but then manipulate them, transform them, copy them, and move them around the image.” You get the feeling that this is still in its early […]