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Samsung YOUM Smartwatch Boasts Display Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Reading Time: < 1 minute Most smartwatches have your standard LED / OLED / LCD displays, but the Samsung YOUM boasts a flexible AMOLED display that literally wraps around your wrist. It’s powered by a custom version of Google Android and features Google Now, which is always listening for the ‘Ok Google’ command, similar to Google Glass, for real-time notifications. […]

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Ads Compare Smart Watch to Sci-Fi Inventions

Reading Time: < 1 minute Are we living in the future? Samsung seems to think so, as two new ads for its Galaxy Gear smart watch compare the gadget to famous watches from television and movies. Posted on YouTube, the first spot (above) shows off watches with advanced functionality — fromDick Tracy‘s communication watch to KITT’s smart watch in Knight Rider. In Samsung’s second […]