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Printing at home from your Raspberry Pi

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yesterday I wrote about working from home with your Raspberry Pi, and talked about things like how to connect to your company VPN, and how to get video conferencing up and working. However, one thing I didn’t talk about – and that many of you have asked for some guidance on – was printing. To […]

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Coolest 3D Printing Store Yet, Does Full Body Scans in Seconds

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yes, there’s a startup in San Diego, called “QuickScann3D”, in San Diego that can do full body scans in just 5-seconds. The resulting data can then be used to create sculptures and replicas of objects / people.

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Cube 3D Printer Lets You Make Complex Objects at Home, Wirelessly

Reading Time: < 1 minute Priced at $1936, the Cube 3D Printer can make plastic items up to 5.5-inches square such as toys, doorknobs, party cutlery, kitchen utensils or chess pieces. It’s not limited to just simple plastic objects, as it can print car wheels and even a replacement windscreen washer nozzle for your car. Here’s how it works: “when […]