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Russia reveals its latest tank is controlled by a PLAYSTATION controller!

Reading Time: < 1 minute On May 9th, the Kurganets-25 made its public debut as part of a parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory in World War II. The new Russian armoured vehicle platform uses a device similar to a Playstation controller, the manufacturer’s vice-president told Russian media. The new Kurganets-25 infantry fighting vehicle uses a ‘console similar […]

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Here’s a list of PS3 games that work with Dualshock 4

Reading Time: 2 minutes As you may know, PS4’s DuakShock 4 partially works on the PS3.   As it’s required to be plugged in via USB, some games won’t work with it. Fortunately, a group of Reddit users are compiling a list of titles that are currently compatible:   DS4 with PS3 Must be connected with a cable; cannot support wireless Vibration, […]