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Interactive origami art with Raspberry Pi

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ross Symons is an incredible origami artist who harnessed Raspberry Pi and Bare Conductive’s Pi Cap board to bring his traditional paper creations to life in an interactive installation piece. [youtube] Video by White On Rice Touchy-feely The Pi Cap is “[a]n easy-to-attach add-on board that brings capacitive sensing to your Raspberry Pi projects.” […]

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20 Pieces of Paper Become Stunning Works of Art in the Hands of a Skilled Origami Artist!

Reading Time: < 1 minute To most people, these square sheets of paper are just things you use to write notes on or fold into fun shapes, but give them to origami artist Ross Symons, and you’ll have a work of art in a few hours, like the Yoda above. Here’s how his obsession began: “I started with the crane […]