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NFCSense can detect the movement of objects using only NFC tags

Reading Time: 2 minutes Arduino Team โ€” May 11th, 2021 NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology is generally used for identification, because NFC tags can carry a substantial amount of data, like a unique identifier or a text file, without a battery. But NFC readers are capable of reading tags quite quickly, which is a feature that is largely ignored. NFCSense, […]

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Raspberry Pi makes LEGO minifigures play their own music

Reading Time: 3 minutes We shared Dennis Mellicanโ€™s overly effective anti-burglary project last month. Now heโ€™s back with something a whole lot more musical and mini. [embedded content] Inspiration Dennis was inspired by other jukebox projects that use Raspberry Pi, NFC readers, and tags to make music play. Particularly this one by Mark Hank, which we shared on the […]