Super Nintendo Revolution Gives Classic Console a Modern Twist, Complete with USB Drives

Reading Time: < 1 minute If the Super Nintendo were released today, this is probably what it would be like: wireless controllers, USB drives loaded with games, internet connectivity to download more content, and possibly even Roku-like functions for watching Netflix, Hulu, etc. when you’re not gaming.

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Tommy Tallarico talking about Beethoven – Video Games Live 2015 Interview Part1

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tommy Tallarico talking about Beethoven – Video Games Live 2015 Interview This is our Interview with Gaming Industry Legend Tommy Tallarico over Skype. Thank’s to DobMedia Vienna for making this happen. Video Games Live coming to Vienna Austria on March 22, 2015 Gasometer Wien! Tommy Tallarico talking about Beethoven and his show in Vienna, and […]

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Sincerity Machine Looks Like a Normal Typewriter, Until You Actually Start Using It

Reading Time: < 1 minute Microsoft designer Vincent Connare began work on Comic Sans in October 1994. He completed the face too late for inclusion in MS Bob, but the programmers of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, which also used cartoon guides and speech bubbles, began to use it. The typeface later shipped with the Windows 95 Plus!  

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How 5 Famous Nintendo Characters Have Changed Over Time

Reading Time: < 1 minute Let’s face it, Nintendo is not in the best shape right now, financially, but they’re only a game and / or platform (mobile) away from roaring back. During these past few decades, some of the company’s most iconic characters, like Mario, Kirby, Link, and more, have changed quite a bit, here is their evolution.   […]

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NES Nintendo World Championship GOLD Cart

Reading Time: < 1 minute The ULTRA rare Nintendo World Championship Gold cartridge is now for sale on ebay. This is one of the rarest games of all time with only 26 carts made for the Nintendo Power Magazine NWC giveaway in the early 90’s.

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18 Cool and Creative Wedding Invites That Geeks Would Love

Reading Time: < 1 minute Getting married is kind of a big deal, and that includes the wedding invitations. These geeks decided to take the cool and creative route to invite their best friends / family members to the party, starting with the NES cartridge invitation you see above.