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Han Solo Frozen in Pop Tart Now Exists!!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Instead of freezing Han Solo in Carbonite, Texas-based Falcontoys has frozen the swashbuckling space opera hero in the icing of a confection that bears a striking resemblance to a Pop Tart. While the creation may looks like the delicious processed frosted pastry, it’s actually inedible. Priced at $30, the vinyl “Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo” comes […]

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Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Photographed on Mercury

Reading Time: < 1 minute Not just any photograph of Mercury, “a portion of the terrain surrounding the northern margin of the Caloris basin hosts an elevated block in the shape of a certain carbonite-encased smuggler who can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.”     Official Source: