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ILM – Celebrates 40 Years of Creating the Impossible!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thank you George 🙂 ILM – Celebrates 40 Years of Creating the… von CGMeetup In 1975 George Lucas formed Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to create the special effects for his space opera Star Wars. Since that time, ILM has contributed to over 300 films in the process earning 15 Academy Awards for Outstanding Achievement […]

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You Can Actually Buy This Life-Sized Star Wars AT-ST Walker for Under $20,000

Reading Time: 2 minutes The AT-ST is basically a two-legged walker introduced in The Empire Strikes Back and featured extensively in Return of the Jedi. Due to their design and movement, they are often dubbed “chicken walkers”. A movie prop studio in the UK is now offering a real-life replica that stands 16-feet-tall for $15,700. This is a completely […]