Black Phoenix Project Mecha spotted

Reading Time: 2 minutes We found some very nice rendered peace of Art from Artist: Bulgarov – You can see some of his work right below:   Official Source:

Vacuum Robot kills himself accidently

Reading Time: < 1 minutes A ‘Vacuum Robot’ that found his way alone , until he landed on the Oven! Yeah right on the oven, until the whole robot melted down, and the citizens of the house had to be avacuated. Here are some pictures of the melt down robot: © FF Hinterstoder   The Citizens of the house left the…… Continue reading Vacuum Robot kills himself accidently

Honeywell 316 Kitchen Robot from 1969

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Honeywell 316 was a popular 16-bit minicomputer built by Honeywell starting in 1969. It is part of the Series 16 which includes the Models 116, 316, 416, 516 and 716. They were commonly used for data acquisition and control, remote message concentration, clinical laboratory systems and time-sharing. The Series 16 computers are all based on the DDP-116 designed by Gardner Hendrie…… Continue reading Honeywell 316 Kitchen Robot from 1969

25 Cool and Futuristic Technologies That May Already Exist

Reading Time: < 1 minutes We have seen the future of smartphones, and it just may be the ECO Mobius. This modular smartphone has hardware pieces that can be removed and upgraded at the push of a button, including the RAM, GPU, CPU, camera, and more. Official Source:

7 Extremely Helpful Life Hacks to Simplify Everyday Problems

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Rather than go out and spend $35 on an iPad Mount, why not make your own with some adhesive hooks? Make sure to reinforce them by placing painter’s tape over the hooks themselves. Or, if you want an easier way to make grilled cheese sandwiches, simply turn your toaster on its side, place a slices of…… Continue reading 7 Extremely Helpful Life Hacks to Simplify Everyday Problems

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