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Metal Gear’s Creator Wanted Sexy Cosplay and, Well, He Got It

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Quiet,” the sniper character of Metal Gear Solid V, is rather unsensibly (un)dressed for combat. Creator Hideo Kojima had a number of justifications for this, saying that he wanted an “erotic” character because that look would encourage cosplay. Yep. It did Via Destructoid, this is Kelly Jean, a cosplayer from the U.K.. She sought to make a real-life recreation of […]

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It’s-a-Me, Maria! Super Maria Cosplay

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well, cosplayer Enji Night (the girl in the picture, duh!), seems to be a big fan of Mario and decided to dress up like my favorite video game plumber!  There is all kinds of gaming greatness in this picture, but I have to say that I am kind of jealous of the mushroom necklace.  It might seem […]

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Almost 40% of Xbox Live audience is female

Reading Time: 2 minutes COO for Microsoft, Mr. Kevin Turner made some comments recently that Xbox Live ‘audience’ is made up of 40 percent of ‘females’ now, and also 42% of Xbox Live members watch more then 30 hours of digital TV and Movies on their Xbox 360 console. Of course no data was supplied for his claims, or […]