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Buran – a Soviet Space Shuttle

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Soviet Union built a reusable space craft named Buran more advanced (both in terms of reliability and payload capability) than the Space Shuttle. The craft was launched oncewithout any crew and the program was canceled at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Buran Under Construction.   © On 12 May 2002, a hangar housing […]

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Scientiest say there are 40-Billion Earth like planets in the whole Milky Way Galaxy!

Reading Time: < 1 minute ET could be closer than you think. Research suggests the galaxy is teeming with life – and the nearest habitable world is near enough to see with the naked eye. This other world is just one of around 40 billion ‘Earths’ in the Milky Way. Researcher Andrew Howard said: ‘Potential sites for life to get […]

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5 Weird and Bizarre Things That Actually Exist in Space

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did you know that there’s a real-life Tatooine planet, complete with two suns? Kepler-16b is a Saturn-mass planet consisting of half gas and half rock and ice, and it orbits a binary star, Kepler-16, with a period of 229 days. “[It] is the first confirmed, unambiguous example of a circumbinary planet – a planet orbiting […]