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Global sunrise/sunset Raspberry Pi art installation

Reading Time: 3 minutes 24h Sunrise/Sunset is a digital art installation that displays a live sunset and sunrise happening somewhere in the world with the use of CCTV. Artist Dries Depoorter wanted to prove that “CCTV cameras can show something beautiful”, and turned to Raspberry Pi to power this global project. Harnessing CCTV The arresting visuals are beamed to […]

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87-Year-Old Grandma Uses Microsoft Paint In A Way That Would Probably Surprise Even Its Developers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some grandmas spend their time in the garden, some knit, but 87-year-old Concha Garcia Zaera enjoys a hobby that’s rather unusually among her friends. She draws. Using only MS Paint. She discovered the program after her children gave her a computer, and she hasn’t looked back ever since. “My husband fell ill and I had […]