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Polishing up emoji and making them easier to sharePolishing up emoji and making them easier to shareCreative Director

Reading Time: 4 minutes We talk a lot about the most frequently used emoji — 😂, 😭,❤️… But what about 📬? Who will speak for 📓? With over 3,521 emoji, there are a lot you have to scroll past to get to 👑. While working from home, plus the delay of Unicode’s next emoji release, we had some time […]

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Analyzing Twitch chat during a Pokémon Marathon

Reading Time: 5 minutes We dove into Twitch chat during the Pokémon Marathon, and found key moments when viewers sing, cry, and laugh together. Sometimes, weirdly, all three happen at the same time. Context and dataset Twitch ran a marathon of all Pokémon episodes and movies. The first 13 episodes aired on August 27, from 10am to 4pm PST. While […]