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Top 6 Ship-Sinking Gameplay Tips for Battlewake, Out Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes Avast ye! Lauren Irvine, Community Manager at Survios, here to welcome you to the most pirate-tastic game on PSV-ARRRRRR: Battlewake. Letโ€™s take the plunge into those sneaky skills thatโ€™ll set you apart upon the seas! Battlewakeโ€™s vehicle-centric naval combat transforms you into a mythical, magic-wielding Pirate Lord at the helm of a ship outfitted with […]

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The Seas are Yours: Battlewake Now Available on Viveport and Viveport Infinity!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thar be high-seas mayhem ahead in the all-new rip-roaring pirate combat game exclusively for VR. Guest post by Survios Studio [youtube] After months of anticipation, Surviosโ€™s new VR game Battlewake is available now on Viveport for $29.99, with an additional 15% launch discount, or as part of your Viveport Infinity membership. This highly-anticipated seafaring […]