Arduino Security Primer

Reading Time: 5 minutes SSL/TLS stack and HW secure element At Arduino, we are hard at work to keep improving the security of our hardware and software products, and we would like to run you through how our IoT Cloud service works. The Arduino IoT Cloud‘s security is based on three key elements: The open-source library ArduinoBearSSL for implementing…… Continue reading Arduino Security Primer

Two-factor authentication on Arduino

Reading Time: 2 minutes Two-factor authentication on Arduino Arduino Team — June 22nd, 2020 Today, we’re announcing a new security feature for our community: two-factor authentication (2FA) on Arduino web services. We have implemented a two-step verification login to, so our users can be sure of their online safety. If enabled, two-factor authentication offers an additional security layer…… Continue reading Two-factor authentication on Arduino

How Twitch Addresses Scalability and Authentication

Reading Time: 3 minutes Curious how Twitch Identity services addresses scalability and performance challenges related to authentication?Last Tuesday, the Twitch Identity team — which helps Twitch users create and manage their digital identity and owns the services that provide authentication, authorization, and user metadata management — hosted a event to explain just that. But we’re recapping here just for you!First challenge: Login…… Continue reading How Twitch Addresses Scalability and Authentication

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