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Moonhack 2018: reaching for the stars!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last year, Code Club Australia set a new world record during their Moonhack event for the most young people coding within 24 hours. This year, they’re hoping to get 50000 kids involved — here’s how you can take part in this interstellar record attempt! Celebrating the Apollo 11 moon landing Nearly 50 years ago, humankind took […]

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3D Printed Ceramic Implant Fuses With Bone to Repair Broken Limbs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Researchers from the University of Sidney have developed a 3D printed ceramic implant that fuses with natural bone. The implant was successfully used to repair large leg fractures in sheep.  As most of us know, breaking a bone is never an enjoyable experience, and having a metal plate or screws inserted into the fracture area […]

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Artist Repurposes Historic Escalator To Create A Mind-Bending Installation That Feels Like A Dream

Reading Time: 3 minutes Australia is known for weird wildlife and poisonous snakes, but nothing of the architecture (except the Opera house). This new installation wants to put the continent/country in the surreal building’s books of the most traveling photographers. Wynyard station installation (Sydney) which looks like it was cropped out from “Inception” and dumbed at the heart of […]