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Get your SteFly™ – Nice sightseeing tour of Pavullo city

Reading Time: < 1 minute Nice sightseeing tour of Pavullo city during the traffic pattern. At the last competition day of the 1st e-glide contest it was very difficult to get back home to the airfield. The finish cylinder was big enough to stay out of the rain shower and still finish the task. With a lot of patience I […]

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6 Pictures of the Batmobile-Inspired SkyRunner, an All-Terrain Flying Vehicle

Reading Time: < 1 minute If the Batmobile were to get a customized off-road version that had flying capabilities, it’d probably look something like the SkyRunner. It boasts a propeller on the back – also a concealed parachute-like paraglider – and when “it’s time to take flight, the wing is laid out behind the car, its propeller is fired up, […]