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Super Mario Odyssey’s Photo Mode Is Crazy Fun

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Super Mario Odyssey is packed with vibrant and charming visuals that are a joy to capture using the game’s photo mode. Throughout our journey, we’ve documented a wealth of fun and ridiculous moments. From our antics with the adorable fedora-wearing Shiba Inu, to the ridiculous shots we’ve taken using the photo mode’s fish eye lens, there’s a lot to showcase. We’ve gathered some of our best photos ahead for your viewing pleasure.

After much anticipation, Super Mario Odyssey is out now for Nintendo Switch. It’s the latest installment of Nintendo’s tenured franchise starring the lovable Italian plumber. You once again control Mario as he works to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. But this time around, he has the help of a new hat sidekick named Cappy, who he can throw at certain objects or enemies to temporarily possess them and use their unique abilities.

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