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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear first TV ad released

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‘In my restless dreams, i see that town, Silent Hill’. This is one of the most famous quotes from Konami’s survival horror, you just change the words ‘Silent Hill’ for Galaxy Gear or Galaxy Note 3 and you’ll get the perfect definition of the new TV ad the Korean company has released.

A young girl finds inspiration in her daily life and uses the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and Gear to revitalize a lost art form.

Using My Magazine, Action Memo and Smart Relay, she creates a spectacle in the front of a once sleepy toy shop.

By adding a new twist to a loved classic, she takes Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams” and re-envisions it with a modern take.

Samsung’s vision was realized with the help of Paul Hunter who has directed videos for some of the world’s top artists like Snoop Dogg, Christina Aguilera, and Michael Jackson to name a few.


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