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RUMOR: PlayStation 5 release date as early as 2019

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The PlayStation 5 may drop sooner than expected despite Sony making it clear that it will not arrive until 2021. Recent speculations have suggested that the next-gen console could be released as early as Q4 2019, right on time for the holiday shopping.

Sony is hoping to catch Microsoft off-guard by releasing its newest console early just in time to compete with Microsoft’s next Xbox console, codename Scarlett, according to reports and leaks via T3. The intended release is to be around Christmas 2019, taking advantage not only of its status as the first proper next-gen console but also the hordes of Christmas shoppers looking for their holiday presents.

A truly exciting theory no doubt, and it just got some weight to it after Sony recently posted a new job listingfor a Senior Product Manager with the not so subtle description of owning “the roadmap for next generation PlayStation campaign.” Whichever way you slice it, posting a job for an “entrepreneurial Product Lead” to help lead a “PlayStation campaign” does raise a few eyebrows.

With the speculated Q4 2019 release date still over a year away, Sony certainly has plenty of time to do some marketing. And even if Microsoft catches wind of their plans, they’re probably in no position to reply once Sony makes the first move.

Supporting the theory that Sony has the PlayStation 5 almost ready to roll out is the barrage of rumors regarding its many expected functionalities, chief among them being backwards compatibility, a feature that was highly requested but was never implemented on the PlayStation 4, reported. Furthermore, rumor has it that the console’s backwards compatibility will not only cover the PlayStation 4 but also the PlayStation 3, all the way to the original PlayStation. Sounds fantastical, though we certainly hope it’s true.

Another purported feature of the new console is V-Sync support, which means programs will run better on the platform allowing for smoother actions and reduced screen tearing. Coupled with a supposed graphical boost, this will cement its place as the first true entry into the next proper console generation.

With the continued adoption of 4K displays into the gaming market, it’s pretty much expected that the PlayStation 5 will fully take advantage of the technology to become the gaming powerhouse that will smoke the current king of consoles, the Xbox One X. Hopefully, the fabled 2019 release does materialize and allow gamers to experience true next-gen experience two years sooner than expected.

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