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Remote Play on PS4 and PS Vita – Step by Step Guide + Use a Vita as a second PS4 controller
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Maybe you’re picking up a PlayStation 4 today (and you should, because it’s a pretty damned cool console), and one of the games you happen to pick up supports 2 player’s on screen at the same time. Maybe you don’t have a second controller, but your buddy, wife, girlfriend, dog, brother or sister wants to get in on some two-player action. If you have a Vita, you’re sorted.


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Sony has released a simple Step by Step guide for those looking to use Remote Play via their PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.

The tutorial is rather brief, but is easy to follow and walks users through basic the process of getting the service up and running between the two pieces of hardware.

Remote Play on PS4 and PS Vita – Step by Step Guide

Pairing your PS4 and your PS Vita for Remote Play is quick and easy – and you’ll only have to do it once for the two systems to stay connected.

As you know, you can use Remote Play to beam the game that’s playing on the PS4 to a PlayStation Vita. One problem with that is that it has to be the same PSN account on the Vita as the PS4. Not really too much of an issue, though. Just use remote play (make sure you’re connecting the vita to the Ps4 directly) and take over the session. Then, with the controller, sign in as a guest or secondary profile.

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Aaaaand Bob’s your uncle. The Vita can be used as one controller, while the actual controller functions as player two. I played a whole lot of LEGO: Marvel yesterday with a friend doing this, and as long as the Vita was connected directly, it worked a treat. Response, for a game like Marvel, worked perfectly. Other games at launch that’ll work this way include Knack, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. And probably a few sports titles.

There are some things you’ll have to get used to, like using the rear-touchpad on the Vita as the L2, L3, R2 and R3 buttons, but it’s a good temporary solution until you can pick up another controller. You’ll also forgo any sort of rumble on the Vita.

It’s a bit obvious, really – but If you’ve just blown your cash on a PS4 and don’t have the cash for a second controller at the moment, but you have a Vita gathering dust in your cupboard, put it to some good use.

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