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Quantum Black Holes May Be Bridges to Other Universes

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A group of physicists have just published a description of a quantum black hole, which uses loop quantum gravity where the predictions of physics-ending singularities vanish, and are replaced by bridges to another universe.


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In other words, in place of the black hole is something that resembles an entry point to another universe.


According to Sci Tech Daily, “in this new model, the gravitational field still increases as you near the black hole’s core. But unlike previous models, this doesn’t end in a singularity. Instead gravity eventually reduces, as if you’ve come out the other end of the black hole and landed either in another region of our universe, or another universe altogether. Despite only holding for a simple model of a black hole, the researchers believe the theory may banish singularities from real black holes too.

Official Source: http://www.gizmag.com/quantum-black-holes-singularity/29242/



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