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PS4 CE-34878-0 Error , No Solution yet?!

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A PlayStation 4 glitch is reportedly corrupting save files and, -in some cases- making the console unusable.


According to reports from users, a PlayStation 4 bug that the console identifies as “Error: CE-34878-0”, is causing game save data corruption and, in some cases, makes some consoles unusable.

This comes from a 34-page thread at the official PlayStation Forums, with members suggesting solutions ranging from save file deletion to full console replacement…


My story:

Part 1 – Discovering the issue:

Got console on US release, day 1. Downloaded Resogun and Contrast. Resogun played perfectly always and Resogun kept getting the error… I thought Contrast needed a patch so I ignored it.

Then NBA2K disc based started getting the error every time I wanted to start a game in any mode (would not crash on menu).

Then KILLZONE (PSN version) started doing the same at the start of the game.

Initialized, deleted all save files from console and cloud. Same issues…

Part 2 – Console 2


I called Sony and they said it was likely a bad HDD because Contrast, NBA2K (disc), KILLZONE (PSN) were crashing ALWAYS. So they sent a box for me to ship my console and get a new one.

Part 3 – Console 3

The new console arrived. I verified all saved files from cloud were gone and re-dowloaded every game. Same exact issues. Especially in KILLZONE were crash was at exact same spot.

Initialized, dowloaded all games again = same exact issue.

I downloaded the enw firmware, put it on thumbdrive, initialized again = same issues.

Call Sony and they say its a video card issue, they send box so I can ship and get a new console. I sent this console and got a new one.

Part 4 – Console 4

The new console (this is my 3rd one) came in. I plug it in and have no video. The “Blue Line Of Death” situation – bad console.

Call support and they send me my 4th console (got it today).

By now, support feels as bad as I do and they send me a free disc-based game (Knack) after I asked for some form of compensation (not angry, I just told them nicely this was ridiculous by now).

Last Part –

So far so good with my latest console. I downloaded Resogun and played a bit with no issues. I am playing disc based Lego Marvel game (from GameFly rental) and no issues so far. I will leave Killzone downloading overnight and report back any issues.

Hopefully the 4th time is the charm!

Our Console is a KillZone Launch Gamer Edition PS4, we didn’t ecpect any problems by now,  as we said by now. We gonna report back as we got more news.


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