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Project of the Week: Travel Terrain With This 3D Printed Modular SMARS Robot

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Want to build your own custom robot with no screws attached? The 3D printed SMARS modular robot is the perfect project for beginners and seasoned makers who want a quick and easy introduction to the world of robotics.  

As we’ve constantly seen while exploring the expansive maker universe, robotics and 3D printing are two fields that often intersect with one another. Still, soldering electronics and complex assemblies can make it tough for inexperienced makers to create their own robots. If you’ve always wanted to use your 3D printer to make a delightful droid, but don’t have the knowledge to take on advanced projects, take a look at the Screwless/Screwed Modular Assemblable Robotic System (SMARS) robot.

Designed by Thingiverse user Kevin Thomas, the 3D printed and fully modular SMARS robot is a terrific project for hobbyists or educational purposes. What makes it special is the low number of components and the ability to put it all together without needing any screws or soldering skills.

On top of that, it’s relatively inexpensive to assemble and the components are easily available. Those who have a bit more expertise can use the modular design to their advantage, adding camera or sensors to enhance the robot.

What’s not to love about this terrain traveling robot? Let’s take a look at what you need in order to build your SMARS robot.

3D Printed Modular SMARS Robot: What You Need & How to Build It

The STL files for the SMARS robot are freely available to download on Thingiverse. Along with the variety of 3D printable parts, there’s also instructions, documentation, demos and source files included on the project page.

Outside of the STL files, here’s what else you’ll need to build your own SMARS robot:

Since the SMARS robot is modular, there are a few approaches you can take to building it up. For the basic model, the designers lays out the step-by-step process and different demos in the “” file on Thingiverse. For those who want to use this project for educational purposes, there’s also a lesson plan includes in the batch of files.

We generally go into the build process a bit more on these projects, but the modular style of this robot leaves some room for you to get creative. If you want to learn more about this project and how to create your own SMARS robot, check out the Thingiverse page!

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