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Pre-order Torchlight II for Xbox One Today

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Torchlight burst onto the scene 10 years ago, transporting us to its quirky and charming, steampunk and fantasy world. Since then the series has been adored by fans for its dynamic dungeons, unique aesthetic, and old-school ARPG gameplay. And now, Torchlight II is making its way to Xbox One!

Torchlight II features four character classes: Berserker, Embermage, Engineer, and Outlander. Customize your class and set out to avenge Torchlight with a lovable pet companion. Xbox One players will gain access to an exclusive new pet: the Molten Imp, a fiery little rascal with smoke and ember effects on its tail. Pre-ordering the game will also get you exclusive access to another pet: the beloved goblin Yapper. Torchlight fans might recognize Yapper from elsewhere in the Torchlight universe.

Torchlight IITorchlight II

The interface and controls for Torchlight II have been completely overhauled for the Xbox One gamepad, making for a fast and refreshing action-packed experience. With Xbox Live, up to four players can play together to face the Torchlight world’s most imposing enemies. If you’re looking to get caught up with the story, the original Torchlight is still available on the Microsoft Store, and is backwards compatible!

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Torchlight with us and relive the glory of Torchlight II.

Torchlight II will be available worldwide on Xbox One on September 3, 2019. Click here to pre-order.

Torchlight is currently available for purchase on the Microsoft Store here.

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