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PlayStation 4 Will Cost $1,850 in Brazil

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And we thought Argentina had it bad. In Brazil, the land of high video game import taxes, PlayStation fans will have to shell out 3,999 Brazilian Real for Sony’s next console come November 29. That’s roughly $1,850 USD. Ouch.


The $100 price advantage the $399 PlayStation 4 enjoys over the $499 Xbox One here in the States is nothing compared to the massive difference between the two in Brazil. According to our Brazilian sister site, Microsoft’s console will be sold for a mere R$ 2,200, or $1,016 USD.



Why the massive difference? Speaking to G1, Sony Brazil explained that between 60 to 70 percent of the cost was made up of import fees and taxes. That would come out to $1,292 USD in fees, leaving only $554 USD for the console. Sony also announced that games for the system will run a relatively reasonable R$ 179, around $80 USD.

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