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Personalized 3D Printed Rotors on Schaffen Wristwatches

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Schaffen Watches debut their new collection on Kickstarter with two extremely customizable wristwatches, the A65 Dress Watch and the S65 Sport Watch.

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Recently launched on Kickstarter is the “world’s first truly customizable timepiece”. Schaffen Watches is a company using 3D printing to personalize your watch.

Impressively, the watch has already raised $51,000 Singaporean dollars from 72 backers. And there’s plenty of time to register your interest with 27 days to go.

The company is a brand based in Singapore and this is their debut. Two brothers are behind the company which started with creating a gift for their father.

“Our name Schaffen (ˈʃafṇ) means “to create”, and this has represented our passion from day one. In this collection, we would love to work with you to co-create a timepiece that is truly the only one in the world,” explains one of the brothers, Nicholas Han YongXin.

Currently, there are two models to choose from including the Schaffen A65 Dress Watch and the S65 Sport Watch. You can personalize these models by designing your own rotor to “tell your story”. This design is then 3D printed in 316L stainless steel.

You’ll need to pledge $438 for the super early bird option of one A65 Dress Watch. After the end of the campaign, Schaffen ask that you submit your rotor design and they’ll send you mockups for confirmation.

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Schaffen Creates One-of-a-Kind Timepieces

Don’t worry if you can’t think of a perfect design for your rotor. After the end of the campaign, the brothers will be in touch to discuss any motifs or ideas that suit you best.

But, after you’ve decided on the rotor design, you’ll have a few more choices to make. As well as the rotor, you can also customize the dial, hands and date window combination. You can even add your signature or change the colors too.

The final watch boasts a unique dial texture and sapphire crystal. Better yet, it has a Swiss-Made Sellita SW200-1 movement, Élaboré grade.

The result is a smart look with a brushed center and a matte outer ring. But if you’re still not satisfied, you can choose to upgrade your watch further by choosing 18K gold plating (red, yellow, or white) for your rotor.

The final touch is a leather strap in either black, brown or tan-brown. The result is a one-of-a-kind watch which is completely unique to your tastes. Expected delivery is June this year. Visit the Kickstarter campaign to find out more.


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