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PC And Console Strategy Game Railway Empire Gets Release Date

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While Kalypso is best known for publishing the Tropico series, the company works with a wide-array of strategy and adventure-focused games. And one of its upcoming titles has an interesting distinction. It’s the first train simulation on current-gen consoles.

Railway Empire, a “tycoon simulation game” according to the game’s press release, covers the Westward expansion period from 1830-1930 in the North America Frontier era. While the game will not have multiplayer support, mods will be available through Steam Workshop that, according to a press release, “change existing scenarios and stats from trains, techs and economy system.” It wasn’t stated whether these mods will also be available on console.

Railway Empire
Railway Empire
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Railway Empire is set to launch on January 26 next year for Xbox One, PC, and PS4, and access to the game’s closed beta will come with pre-purchase.

You can also check out some gameplay for a few other Kalypso games below that GameSpot demoed recently.

The real-time tactical RPG Shadows: Awakening, which is set to release in 2018:

And the humorous strategy game Dungeons 3, which released this October:

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