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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate new 10 minute gameplay video surfaces

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today’s a great day because is the day that the new Batman game for 3DS and Vita releases. While the reviews’s scores have been emerging, now we have been informed that a new 10 minutes gameplay walkthrough surfaced to show you how well Batman looks like in portable size. Check out this extended gameplay walkthrough […]

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Pokemon X & Y: Luminose City save game bug fixed

Reading Time: < 1 minute Do you remember that annoying bug in Pokemon X & Y? Nintendo promised an update to address the issue and today, it has been released as an update for the title on the eShop. So, if you have experienced the bug or want to avoid it, you should update the game as soon as possible. […]

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Mother Creates Mini DeLorean to Travel Back to the Future

Reading Time: 2 minutes As children of the ’80’s continue to have children of their own, it’s only appropriate that the toys reflect those rad times when high top sneakers, Nintendo, and big hair were totally in style. With a love for both cars and Back to the Future, clever mom corey4281 created this DeLorean Push Car for her 1-year-old […]

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Skylanders Swap Force Game of the Year hits store shelves today

Reading Time: 3 minutes This title includes 40 new characters and 16 swappable ones among other features. Check it out: Portal Masters can now wield the power of choice as they defend the Cloudbreak Islands and battle the evil Kaos (and his mum) when the magic of Skylanders SWAP Force™ hits store shelves nationwide today. Available now for Nintendo […]

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Wii U has more next-gen 1080p 60fps games than Xbox One and PS4

Reading Time: 2 minutes Site Gaming Blend published a list of all the -confirmed- native 1080p 60fps titles on ‘next-gen’ consoles and, it looks like the Wii U has more of these than the Xbox One or the PS4(without counting indie titles). Just take a look: Wii U The Wii U has confirmed games to run native 1920x1080p at 60 frames per second: Super Smash Bros. U, Bayonetta 2, […]

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Pokemon X / Y moves over 1.8 million units in Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pokemon X & Y moves over 1.8 million units in Japan, while GTA 5 moves a respectable 360.115 units. Vita sales hit 60,166 thanks to the release of the new model (2000). Media Create released its Japanese sales charts, showing that Pokemon X & Y moved over 1.8 million units on the week ending October 13, beating rival […]

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PS4 Still Preferred By Gamers This Holiday Season

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the holiday season fast approaching, the question on every gamer’s mind is “which next-gen console is most worth buying.” According to this brand new study, the scale seems slightly tipped in favor of Sony’s PS4. As told by Reuters, twenty six percent of a 1,297 person online sample claimed that they would be investing on […]

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Welcome back Dixie Kong

Reading Time: < 1 minute Nintendo has just shown a new video of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze featuring Dixie Kong. Diddy’s girlfriend will join us in the new Donkey Kong adventure for Wii U. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is scheduled to be released in Spring 2014. Official Source:

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Mega Man X2 first 12 minutes video shown

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mega Man X2 will be released for the Wii U Virtual Console on October 9 in Japan and here’s a video with the first 12 minutes of the game. Enjoy !!     Official Source:

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Nnooo announces Blast ‘Em Bunnies

Reading Time: 3 minutes Defend your burrow from a horde of evil bunnies before they take you down! Pick them off using your carrot rifle, pelt their furry hides with your watermelon pip machine gun or wreak havoc with your runner bean rail gun. Want to destroy as many of their colony as possible? Your turnip mortar will do […]

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Reading Time: < 1 minute Releasedaten der PC- und Next-Gen-Versionen bekannt gegeben Ubisoft® veröffentlichte einen neuen Trailer zu Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™.   Piraten verachten die Ordnung und kennen keine Regeln. Sie leben nach ihren eigenen Gesetzen. Jede Menge Gold und Reichtum warten auf Edward Kenway und seine Gefährten. Der brandneue Trailer zeigt, was auf dem Spiel steht und […]

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Valve’s Controller Has Been Tested. Here Are Some Impressions.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Game creators who have tried Valve’s unusual new game controller tell Kotaku that the device holds a lot of promise. But make no mistake, they also say it feels pretty different from what we’re used to.P “We’ve been at Valve this week and only used it briefly, however, you immediately notice its increased responsiveness.,” Sega’s v.p. of […]

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Heute startet die GAME CITY 2013 im Wiener Rathaus!

Reading Time: 3 minutes PlayStation 4 und Xbox One sind nur einige Highlights der 7. Game
 City, die heute, 27. September im Wiener Rathaus startet. 3 Tage lang, bis einschließlich Sonntag, 29. September sind wieder alle
Videospiele-Interessierten bei freiem Eintritt eingela­den,
 Neuerscheinungen zu testen, sich über Gefahren und Chancen der
 Videospielkultur zu informieren, an Diskussionen teilzunehmen und
einfach Spaß zu haben. […]

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GTA V if it was released on a SNES (16-bit Trailer)

Reading Time: < 1 minute This trailer shows the opening of Grand Theft Auto V is if it was released on the Super Nintendo back in 1993