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Nintendo Amiibo misprints are worth a ton of money!

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Legless Princess Peach Amiibo on eBay for $2500

Nintendo has recently released their first batch of Amiibo toys that can unlock features in Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS, and there seems to be some with ‘errors’ or misprints, missing legs, double arms, reversed body, etc. and people that find them in various store shelves are quickly buying them up and trying to make a boat-load of cash by selling tham as ‘rare’ items on eBay.



The Princess Peach figurine is currently selling for $3500 (£2235), although it is hard to tell how many of the bids are genuine (thanks, Nintendo Life).

But a similarly defective, dual-wielding Samus Amiibo did sell last week for $2500.

Another Amiibo oddity is also currently up for auction, an Animal Crossing Villager with reversed arms. Bidding for that is currently at $40.


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