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New Warzone map and massive Multiplayer expansion comes to Black Ops Cold War Season One

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Vikhor “Stitch” Kuzmin, a dangerous enemy from Russell Adler’s past, is back with a vengeance and enough Nova 6 nerve gas to shift the balance of the Cold War. In Season One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, you’ll not only fight back across numerous new Multiplayer maps, but also drop in on Rebirth Island, the very place that Adler cost Stitch his sanity and his left eye. 

New Warzone map and massive Multiplayer expansion comes to Black Ops Cold War Season One

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Survive Rebirth Island, Two New Gulags in Warzone 

An entirely new battle royale experience comes to Warzone in the form of the experimental Soviet bioweapons site and prison known as Rebirth Island. To celebrate, dive into this new map and complete a limited-time event with over a dozen free rewards to discover, as well as more hidden, shocking secrets.

Defined by intense and frenetic close-quarters combat, Rebirth Island is an all-new, small-scale map that features a player count similar to a Mini BR match. Trios and Quads will brawl across dozens of new locales, and with the new Resurgence game mode, where respawns happen every 30 seconds, there won’t be a shortage of epic moments and reinforcements until the last squad is left standing.

Along with Rebirth Island and the introduction of Black Ops Cold War weaponry, Warzone also has two new Gulags to explore: a scaled-down version of Nuketown for Verdansk, and a small arena featuring metal detectors for Rebirth Island.

Don’t forget Season One is the start of integration between titles. Gain XP and level up in either game and get ready for a bigger Gunsmith table as the entire Black Ops Cold War arsenal becomes available within Warzone.

Eight Multiplayer Maps for Black Ops Cold War 

The Pines and Raid

Two new maps primed for 6v6 combat will also be available at launch, including the return of the iconic Black Ops II locale Raid. As for The Pines, this New Jersey mall is filled with neon-lit shops that give way to close-quarters combat, with the main walkways between the stores open enough for mid-range play and sniping duels.

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Gunfight Returns

The duo-based Multiplayer mode is back for Black Ops Cold War, complete with four new locales to prove mastery in with random loadouts every two rounds. At its launch, you’ll descend into the underground tunnels of U-Bahn, circle around a massive missile in ICBM, play host to carnage in Game Show, and infiltrate a Soviet headquarters in KGB.

Nuketown ’84 Holiday

One of the most iconic Black Ops maps has returned in the lead-up to Season One. Now, get ready to celebrate a festive take on this Nevada testing ground; there’s a new glow coming to Nuketown ’84 this holiday season.

Sanatorium Expands Fireteam In-Season

Fireteam will receive a brand-new map in Sanatorium later in January. This experimental Soviet health retreat features water combat via a lake that’s overlooked by the sprawling complex. As you fight nine other squads within the wooded hills, on the large dock, or within the hotel, be on the lookout for documents that have to do with Project Golova.

Season One of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is live on PlayStation on December 15 at 11 PM PST. Mark your calendars and prepare to infiltrate. It’s time to take down Stitch… 

… or help him and Perseus take over the world.

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