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New Monster Hunter World PS4 / Xbox One Quests And More Now Available

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Another week has gone by, and that means there is new Monster Hunter World content now available on both PS4 and Xbox One. While the most exciting thing going on right now is limited to PS4, there’s something to occupy your time right now regardless of your platform.

PS4 players with a Street Fighter V save file on their hard drive still have early access to a special challenge quest called Down the Dark, Muddy Path. The actual particulars of what you’re doing aren’t exciting–it’s an Arena where you hunt a Barroth–but the rewards include the materials to craft the armor based on Street Fighter’s Ryu. Eventually, everyone on PS4 and Xbox One will have access to this quest and the Ryu gear, plus the Sakura-inspired gear still to come. For more on what to expect if you’re eligible now, check out our guide on how to unlock Monster Hunter World’s Ryu armor. You can see how it looks below–it literally transforms you into Ryu.

In terms of Limited Bounties, there’s the usual assortment of additions. You’ll need to hunt three bird wyvern-class monsters for one, hunt four Anjanath for another, and slay five tempered monsters for the third. These each offer their own set of rewards comprised of varying amounts of research points, armor spheres, and trade-in items (which are sold for zenny). A fourth limited bounty gives you even more of these rewards if you’re able to complete the other three before these bounties reset on March 1/2 (depending on your platform).

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There are also a handful of new event quests to take part in. Two of these (Ya-Ku With That? and The Poison Posse) are fairly mundane low-rank quests, asking you to hunt two and three monsters, respectively. Wildspire Bolero is a high-rank, seven-star quest that tasks you with hunting five monsters–including a Diablos, who proves difficult for many players–in under 50 minutes. There’s also Snow & Cherry Blossoms, a nine-star quest to hunt a tempered Legiana and Pink Rathian. This also has a time limit of 50 minutes but has the highest Hunter Rank requirement (30) of any event quest so far.

Finally, you still have some time left to complete the current challenge quest, excitingly titled Challenge Quest 1: Intermediate. As before, this places restrictions on the particular weapon types you’re able to use, limiting you to those that fall under the umbrella of Sword & Shield, Hunting Horn, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, or Light Bowgun.

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