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New In Viveport Infinity: Fujii, Loco Dojo and More!

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It’s time again to introduce INFINITY’s Top Games for the month! During August, we added a new batch of games that offer alien landscapes, ridiculous challenges, lighthouses within lighthouses, and more!


Explore the ethereal gardens of Fujii as you bring life back to otherworldly landscapes. Using water, music, and touch, you’ll coax plant life back into three different alien biomes. Your horticultural efforts will expand rings of light that hover over revitalized, musical gardens that sing with energy and life. You can also use seeds you’ve gathered along the way to cultivate your private garden however you please!

Sink into the zen of intergalactic gardening, no green thumb required!

Here’s what YouTubers Cas and Chary VR had to say about Fujii:


A Fisherman’s Tale

The Big Storm is on its way, and nothing will survive in its wake. Taking refuge in a lighthouse seems like it would be a straightforward task, but not in A Fisherman’s Tale. Objects can be combined and transformed, and the rules of physics don’t always apply.

You’ll gather some bizarre companions as you wrap your brain around reality-distorting puzzles. The world outside your cabin will be unpredictable, uncanny, and completely unexpected!

Check out why YouTuber CaptainSauce can’t think of anything in VR quite like A Fisherman’s Tale!


Loco Dojo

Grand Sensei requires amusement, and you and your friends are the perfect mini-game gladiators to give it to him. Spin the dice wheel and make your way across the Table of Trials to compete in the absurd challenges of Loco Dojo!

Discover your silliest skillsets as you and your rivals milk pigs, throw biscuits, and so much more across sixteen goofy mini-games. Can you master the madness and obtain the coveted Black Headband of victory? 

Check out YouTuber Ctop taking on Grand Sensei’s challenges with the help of some friends!


Ninja Legends

Hone your blocking and parrying skills and become a Ninja Legend! Dropped right into the action, you’ll have to slash, slice and attack at a break-necking pace to make your way through an onslaught of enemy ninjas.

Armed with katanas, claws, staff, and bow & arrow, you’ll have to attack and block your opponents in 360 degrees of action to come out on top. Ninja Legends will challenge your mind and body as your heart starts racing.



In the Afterlife by Signal Space Lab, you’ll follow a family as they struggle with the death of their 5-year old son. In this cinematic VR drama, you’ll view the family’s journey through the ghostly eyes of the child.

A branching live-action narrative, the way the story unfolds all depends on your own decisions. With three episodes and over 29 unique choices, this interactive piece allows you to discover a multilayered experience about grief and how we can move forward.


Disturbed on VIVEPORT Video

The multiplatinum-selling rock band, Disturbed, makes its way to VR as new 360 concert footage arrives on Viveport Video. You’ll get a front-row seat as the heavy metal legends travel the world with all new music for their Evolution tour. Rock out to the immersive 360 video of “Inside The Fire” live in London, live footage of “Never Again” in Tel Aviv and more.


All of these experiences are now yours to explore in Infinity. Click below to dive in!


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