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This New DriveClub Footage Will Certainly Start Your Engine

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We feel a bit silly for worrying about PlayStation 4 launch game DriveClub now. Runcorn-based developer Evolution Studios has once again done what it does best, and polished the racer to a remarkable degree on the home straight ahead of release. As a result, we’re not especially surprised by the gorgeous gameplay footage embedded below.

There are a few glitches, but as community manager Jamie Brayshaw explained on the PlayStation Blog, the title’s improving by the day. “While there are lots of impressive details on show, you may also spot some things that we’re still working on – like improving the anti-aliasing for certain assets and making sure that nothing pops in to view,” he said.


The day-to-night transition which this raw capture showcases is sped up for demonstrative purposes, but you’ll be able to set those parameters for yourself. You’ll also be able to tweak cloud cover, fog density, and more. Oh, and as for the track, it’s based in Chile. That’s not a bad backdrop for a late evening drive, huh?


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