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New Closer Look at Windows 10, Leak!

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To say that we’re excited for Windows 10 would be an understatement. With Microsoft accidentally gimping Windows 7 with a faulty update this week and Windows 8.1 continuing to be a lovable mess, Microsoft’s new operating system can’t get here soon enough.

New images of Windows 10, part of a pre-consumer build leaked earlier today, show off two of the platform’s most anticipated features—Cortana and Xbox. Earlier this month, we saw a video from WinBeta with Cortana in Windows. Although that video did wonders showing off how awesome it will be to have a voice assistant built right into the operating system, the actual design and layout of Cortana was unpolished and pretty crappy looking. Build 9901 gives us a pretty good idea what Cortana will look like once Windows 10 is ready to ship.


As The Verge’s Tom Warren points out, Cortana on desktop looks similar to its Windows Phone orientation, which makes sense since one of Windows 10’s objectives is to unify Microsoft across all platforms. However, in this build Cortana is only partly functional.

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