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Microsoft will offer dedicated servers for all Xbox One games

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Microsoft has announced that dedicated servers will be offered for all Xbox One games.

When asked about this, Senior Xbox director Albert Penello shared the news on Twitter, simply stated “yes”:




Dedicated servers for the Xbox One versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Titanfall were previously confirmed.


Microsoft also said that not only will dedicated servers allow for a greater number of gamers to play together at once, but players will also notice a generally more “stable experience”…

“With server-based multiplayer gaming, not only can more players play the game (think hundreds of players simultaneously), the gameplay will be much more reliable for the players,” Microsoft said.

“No more host migration interruptions, suboptimal experiences for the host, home network NAT constraints, or player cheating.”

Additionally, Microsoft will offer cloud services to developers for free, as Xbox Live lead programmer John Bruno announced on the Xbox Wire“Cloud services will allow developers to offload computations, improve multiplayer gaming with dedicated servers, evolve games with dynamic updates, and improve server availability when a game demands it”.

Will Sony take a similar stance in the future? So far, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Killzone: Shadowfall will have dedicated servers on the PS4.

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