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Meditative Parallel Puzzle Game Semispheres Available Now on Nintendo Switch™

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Semispheres in an interesting take on puzzle games, that twists the genre into new and inventive ways,” said Radu Muresan, designer of Semispheres. ““With a minimalist art style, single player and cooperative modes and a soundtrack by visionary composer Sid Barnhoorn, in Semispheres you need your mind in two places at one”.

In Semispheres, each analogue stick controls a different avatar in environments that might initially appear identical but reveal profound differences crucial to progression. Portals allow the avatars to enter each other’s reality, creating fiendishly complex inter-dimensional puzzles, with success reliant on methodical planning and skilful execution. It’s not all esoteric brain workouts, though. Tension is introduced through the sentries that guard these worlds, whose fields of vision you must evade in order to find safe passage and the eventual resynchronisation of the worlds.

With fiendish puzzles that escalate in complexity, Semispheres presents a real challenge for both puzzle aficionados and newcomers to the genre alike. Yet the game’s beautiful audio and visual presentation ensure things never get too much, making it as soothing an experience as it is challenging. Semispheres is also available on PC through Steam and for PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation Store.

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