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Man strips sleeping wife on PS4 Twitch stream

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That’s right, people are now doing “shows” via The Playroom on PS4 and streaming them onTwitch; and well, it looks like one user -nicknamed ‘Darckobra’- went too far…

While on the live stream, he exposed his sleeping (and drunk) wife’s breast, and after that he stripped her completely. ‘Darckobra’ was banned later, of course.

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Here’s the report by Game Revolution:

Nearly overnight, the PS4’s easy linking with Twitch has made a few people stars of the internet. One married couple started up “The Spartan Show” and held a raffle for their PS3, and got so much attention that Sony’s own Adam Boyes called in. Less successful and generally less awesome is Samurai400, pictured above, who did a variety of uninteresting… um… God knows what, for several hours.

And then there’s Darckobra. He and his wife sat on a couch drinking, and drinking, and drinking. Eventually, the wife passed out. So the man did what any man deserving of divorce papers would do: he showed the internet some breast — and not his own. Yes, live on Twitch TV, via The Playroom on PS4, a man lifted up his unconscious wife’s shirt and exposed her breast. After 15 or 16 post-boob minutes, the channel went dark briefly; upon its return, the wife was completely naked, presumably stripped by the husband.

Twitch eventually banned Darckobra, but not before he — potentially — changed the whole landscape of this streaming situation. If things like this continue, and especially if they continue to be lumped in association with Sony, you better believe that features will be re-examined, modified, and possibly even removed. No company wants to be associated with this kind of thing, and measures will be taken to add distance.

Don’t expect any changes overnight, but you can bet that people in suits will very soon be sitting in meetings talking about how to handle things like this going forward.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Official Source: http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/man-exposes-wifes-breast-on-ps4-twitch-stream-then-strips-her-completely-22779

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