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Lost Planet 3 DLC detailed

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Capcom has released three multiplayer map packs as DLC for Lost Planet 3. The content was previously available only as pre-order bonus, but now can be found in the XBLM. Each pack contains two maps.

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Map Pack 1 – $4.99

Octagon: In Octagon, NEVEC and the Snow Pirates fight for control over an underground military base. NEVEC must stop the Snow Pirates from sabotaging the secret Akrid testing being done in the nesting rooms. Close quarter combat will have each side fighting for control in deadly circumstances.

Spire: In Spire, NEVEC and Snow Pirates fight for dominance over a key strategic location high above the ground. Seize each control point to exert dominance. Vital Suits are key in this large, open area. Use them to exert power over the other team and face off against the opposing teams Vital Suits in epic battles.

Map Pack 2 – $4.99

Synapse: In Synapse, NEVEC and Snow Pirates have traveled deep into the Nushi interior to come face to face with something never seen before. Fight the large Akrid to take the Thermal Energy canister back to your extraction point. Prevent the opposing team from doing so, or suffer bitter loss.

Inferno: In Inferno, NEVEC and Snow Pirates fight in a hectic, vertical area located in Pickett’s Folly. Danger comes in every facet. Obtain the scattered Thermal Energy and secure it for your team. Prevent the opposing team from doing so by using any means necessary. Grappling and zip line usage are key to winning. Just watch out for the lava.

Map Pack 3 – $4.99

Convoy Chasm: In Convoy Chasm, NEVEC is escorting a battle cat through a mountain pass, carrying vital secrets. As the Snow Pirates learn about this, they ambush the Convoy in the pass. Prevent NEVEC from getting through the Chasm as the Snow Pirates. As NEVEC, get through at all costs. With verticality playing a key role, use whatever means necessary to help your team succeed.

Siege: In Siege, NEVEC and Snow Pirates fight over a military base key to NEVEC’s military operations. As Snow Pirates, break in at all costs, secure the Pure Thermal Energy and get out of there using the air transport as quickly as possible. As NEVEC, prevent the Snow Pirates from their smash and grab tactics and secure the base.

Freedom Fighter Pack – $2.99

Five playable characters for multiplayer modes: Grace Peyton, Phil Braddock, Jenette Diaz, the Lost Contractor, LP1 Gale Holden, HUNK

Punisher Pack – $2.99

Incinerator (Particle Thrower Variant): This improved version delivers greater range and damage than its predecessor, but with less accuracy and a tendency to overheat rapidly. The particle beam can set targets on fire.

NEVEC Punisher (Pulse Rifle): A NEVEC military division pulse rifle that sends out bursts of fire at an extremely fast pace.

Spit-Fire (Grenade Launcher Variant): This modified grenade launcher shoots out Fire Wasp “projectiles” instead of grenades as its default ammo type. These also cause splash damage on impact.

Assault Pack – $2.99

Assault Shotgun: A NEVEC specialized version of the normal Shotgun, this prototype weapon has semi-automatic fire allowing for a faster delivery of damage

Customized Pneumatic Injector Gun: An improved variant of the Pneumatic Injector Gun. Although it features a slower rate of fire and requires more frequent reloads, it does more damage per bullet

Destructeur (LaRoche’s Assault Rifle): Variant of the Assault Rifle that has a slower rate of fire but does more damage than the standard NEVEC-issued version

Survival Pack – $4.99:

All content from the Freedom Fighter, Punisher, and Assault Packs.

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