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Let your ideas take flight in the Arduino Cloud Games

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Arduino Cloud Games

Arduino’s brand new initiative, the Arduino Cloud Games, is now live and accepting submissions.

This new program is a way to build a community showcase of the most creative, innovative ideas that show the vast potential and scope of connected projects. Let’s take a look at how you can get involved, and let your ideas take flight.

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What are the Arduino Cloud Games?

Based around five different categories, the games are similar in nature to an athletics event. Pick your specialty, enter the event, and go for gold!

Step 1: Pitch your idea

You don’t even need to have your project built and ready to join in. Just pitch your idea, and the 100 most creative will be sent a free Oplà IoT Kit to incorporate into their projects.

Your project idea must include use of the Arduino Cloud, and if you’re selected for a free Oplà IoT Kit, that must be included as part of your build.

You’ve got until 23rd January, 2022, to submit your application.

Step 2: Build your project

We’ll keep in close contact with all participants during the six weeks building phase of Arduino Cloud Games. The entire community is there to help you if you get stuck, and we want to do everything we can to help you stay on track and motivated!

Your completed project must be submitted by 11th March, 2022.

Step 3: Arduino Week Awards

There are three awards up for grabs for the most creative, innovative, connected projects! Vouchers of $1,000, $500 and $250 for the Arduino Store, with the recipients being announced as part of the Arduino Week celebrations.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Arduino Cloud Games page, and give us your best connected project pitch!

Arduino Cloud Games FAQ

A few people have asked about various aspects of the Cloud Games, so let’s look at those right here.

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Can I still enter if I’m not selected for a free Oplà IoT Kit?

Absolutely, yes. Your project will still need to be completed and working before Arduino Week, and make use of Arduino Cloud. The Oplà IoT Kit is recommended as a quick, versatile starting point for these kinds of connected projects, so it’s still worth serious consideration. But the Cloud Games are open to everyone.

What if my project isn’t finished in time, or doesn’t work?

In order to be eligible for the awards on offer, your project will have to be completed in time, be working, and still be closely related to the original pitch.

What if I need to change some parts of my project during the build?

We totally understand that projects evolve as you start building and testing them. And we don’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity with overly inflexible rules! So it’s completely okay if you need to adapt as you’re going. But ultimately, the objective of your project should be similar to your original pitch.

Can I enter more than one project in Arduino Cloud Games?

You can. Each pitch must be totally unique, and if more than one is selected you’ll still be expected to complete all projects and have them working before the Arduino Week deadline.

Can I use other parts, components or devices in my project besides the Cloud and Oplà IoT Kit?

Of course! Whatever your project needs to do its thing! Use whatever you like, as long as the Arduino Cloud is part of the project (and the Oplà IoT Kit, if you were selected). Let your ideas take flight!

Do I have to return the Oplà IoT Kit when it’s finished?

Nope, that’s yours to keep. Although we do expect participants to meet their side of the bargain, and complete the project they pitched in time for Arduino Week.

Do I have to use every part of the Oplà IoT Kit if I receive one?

No. The kit includes a lot of gear, features and functions. It’d be impractical to expect a project to use every aspect of it. The Oplà IoT Kit is recommended as it’s a fast, powerful way to build and control connected projects. So as long as the kit is used either in full or in part, you’re good.

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